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Small Business Services

Since 1917 we've prided ourselves on serving local businesses.

Synergetic Communication was founded in 1917 on the guiding principle to deliver ethical, effective business collection services for locally-owned companies. Though today we have expanded our client base to include larger industries and corporations, our agency remembers our foundation in community service. Working for hundreds of local businesses in many industries inspires us to give back. See the Charitable Organizations we donate to.
Our experience with mom-and-pop shops to large organizations has taught us the ins-and-outs of many industries. This diversity of clients makes our medium and small business debt collection agency uniquely qualified to solve your accounts receivable challenges.

Flate Rate Service!

Low fees - As a Not for Profit we invest more into our recovery process which results in lower fees and exceptional recoveries for our clients, in a complaint-free environment.

Our collection philosophy begins with the understanding that TIME IS MONEY.

At SynCom  we combine efficiency, professionalism, and persistence with a commitment to excellent client service and outstanding consumer relations to maximize recovery and increase your bottom line. Our dedication to this philosophy has allowed us to build long-term quality partnerships with our clients, many of which are decades old.

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Our focus is your FINANCIAL HEALTH and all that encompasses.

If you’re spending valuable time making phone calls and sending letters, faxes, and emails and your customer is ignoring you, it is almost certain that you will not get paid without turning to a collections agency and/or an attorney. SynCom provides a progressive collection solution designed to generate fast recovery combined with a low collection fee! Our proven method to collect your commercial accounts includes a highly customized recovery process that includes legal action, when warranted, to generate the results you are looking for!

Synergetic Communication is one of the oldest and largest not for profit collection agencies located in California. As a Not for Profit, we invest more into our recovery process which results in lower fees and exceptional recoveries for our clients, in a complaint-free environment.

We promise to provide you with the very best customer service and we will treat your consumers with the dignity and respect they deserve while working to resolve your accounts.  We have been keeping this promise to our clients for over one hundred years! 


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217 N San Joaquin St, Stockton, CA

Nevada Residents
Collection Agency License #: CAD11707
Compliance Manager License # (s): CM10678, CM10685

CB Merchant Services is now
Synergetic Communication, Inc.

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