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Synergetic Communication is one of the oldest and largest not for profit collection agencies located in California. As a not-for-profit we invest more into our recovery process which results in lower fees and exceptional recoveries for our clients, in a complaint-free environment.
Continuing a long history of strengthening the communites we serve, CB Merchant Services is pleased to announce grants totaling $118,000.
SynCom installed switchboards and provided headsets. This made the Bureau one of the most efficient and well equipped of its kind on the West Coast.
January 1975 SynCom affiliated with Equifax, which enabled computerized reporting services. The automated technology provided a more efficient and convenient work environment.
SynCom doubled the size of its headquarters by purchasing its current home for $240,000
SynCom purchased the collection arm of the San Joaquin Medical Society, Bureau of Medical Economics greatly expanding the medical collections division.
June 25, 1984 SynCom reached its goal of a $1,000,000 year in gross collections.
SynCom' collection department re-engineered the collection process by automating the accounts assigned for collection. Previously typed correspondence was now generated at the touch of a button, online calendar systems kept records of payment promises and predictive dialing computers increased the amount of calls per collector.
SynCom acquires Credit Bureau of Amador & Calaveras County.
SynCom reached its goal of $2,500,000 year in gross collections.
SynCom reached its goal of $4,000,000 year in gross collections.
SynCom turns all consumer credit reporting activity, now available via the world wide web, over to Equifax.
SynCom acquires Credit Bureau of Stanislaus County.
SynCom acquires Credit Bureau of Stanislaus County.
SynCom reached its goal of $5,800,000 year in gross collections.
In recognition of it's 90th Anniversary SynCom provides a gift to the community. SynCom the provides the funding and incubation to create a Community Foundation for San Joaquin County, a philanthropic organization.
SynCom continues to embrace the most current technology, with an attention to data security, by upgrading data storage to SSAE 16, Soc 2 Data Center.
SynCom receives Community Partner Award. The Community Foundation of San Joaquin Community Partner Year Award was created to highlight and celebrate the contributions of businesses that make an impact on the California Nonprofit community.
217 N San Joaquin St, Stockton, CA

Nevada Residents
Collection Agency License #: CAD11707
Compliance Manager License # (s): CM10678, CM10685

CB Merchant Services is now
Synergetic Communication, Inc.

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