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Simply put, we work your account for free until it’s paid.
If you are looking for an agency that provides high recovery,
combined with excellent customer service and competitive rates,
then look no further.

We Locate your Debtor if Needed

Synergetic Communication uses traditional and internet skip-tracing technology to locate your debtor, no matter where they are. We follow their paper trail, track their spending habits and build a profile on their assets. Once they are located, the collection process begins.

Credit Reporting

Synergetic Communication may report valid claims to the nationwide credit reporting agencies.

Educational Training

Synergetic Communication offers training seminars that teach Basic and Advanced Collection Techniques. We show you how to locate lost debtors and employ preventative measures to reduce default accounts. Your company can attend training courses at our Corporate Office or if you have a large employee base, we’ll come to you. (Additional fees may apply).

Pre-Collection Service Returns 100% Back to You

For a small fee, Synergetic Communication will send an initial letter to your debtor requesting payment be made directly to you. You will not be charged a commission on payments made within the first ten days.

Get Started Today!

It's easy to start assigning accounts for collection today! We want to help you. - Click Here

Easy Online Account Management

Refer and manage your accounts online via our secure, encrypted internet portal! Clients enjoy flexible searches; search by name or account number. Account activity is posted in realtime, so you will enjoy up to the minute status of your accounts.

Legal Process

Our in-house legal department pursues the collection process to the full extent of the law.  With mutual consent we’ll advance court costs and attorney fees necessary to obtain a judgment. Once Judgment is obtained we’ll promptly pursue attachable assets.

Collection Stickers

Adhesive stickers call attention to your delinquency statements and help you collect those past due accounts.


Customized reports can be accessed at the touch of a button. Request and print reports that include a statistical analysis detailing amounts collected, fees charged and the current status of your account. If you have a question or request and don’t have time to call, you are guaranteed a timely response from Synergetic Communication’ staff when you communicate via email.

Collection Strategy

SynCom uses a detailed collection strategy that has proven successful for our clients. Our processes can be customized to meet your individual needs, within the guidelines of the FDCPA, HIPAA, and all other applicable laws, codes and ordinances.

For over 100 years, we have learned that there is no magic to collections. Timing is everything; we send letters, make phone calls, talk, listen and negotiate in order to collect the amount owed.

Early Intervention Assures Best Results

When the bill has been unpaid for 40 days, turn it over to Synergetic Communication and we will start servicing your accounts to get maximum recovery.
217 N San Joaquin St, Stockton, CA

Nevada Residents
Collection Agency License #: CAD11707
Compliance Manager License # (s): CM10678, CM10685

CB Merchant Services is now
Synergetic Communication, Inc.

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