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C B Merchant Services’ values revolve around the most important thing – maintaining customer satisfaction. Every member of the CBMS team abides by these standards:

Published in Collection Calls
Apr 24, 2015

Rapid Recovery


  • Are you tired of delinquent accounts ignoring your collection efforts?

  • Would you like to increase your in- house collection results for less than $5.00 per account?

  • Rapid Recovery is your answer.


A committment to collecting debt within 45 days is crucial to maintaining the value of the services you provide and to the financial health of your business. With a closely monitored collection strategy you will decrease your bad debt write offs and improve your bottom line.

Rapid Recovery is specifically designed to prompt the slow pay account in the early stages of your collection efforts. Our professional and courteous letter series and phone calls are specifically designed to prompt slow pay accounts to pay in full or to set up payment arrangements that are acceptable to you!

Rapid Recovery letter series runs for a 45 day period allowing you to resolve late payments (early delinquency) at the lowest possible cost.

No Large Pre Payment Required

Pay As You Go!

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Rapid Recovery – Keep 100% of Money Recovered

Published in Collection Calls