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Aug 28, 2014

Member Services

Membership is not required! However, as a Member, you will enjoy free and discounted services designed to increase your bottom line.

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Free Collection Letter Service - On each account referred, at your election, one free collection notice will be mailed to every account you place for collection and you don’t pay commission on accounts that pay or make arrangements within the first ten days.

Free Seminars! Attend two free seminars or webinars annually. CB Merchant Services educates your staff with better collection methods to avoid future problems. Programs include; Basic and Advanced Collection Techiques, Bankruptcy Basics and How to File Claims, Fundamentals of Skip Tracing, How to Make an Effective and Legal Collection Call, along with other proven collection techniques to protect your bottom line.

Free Check Recovery Service C B Merchant Services\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' 60 day program allows you to receive 100% of the check\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s face value. NSF checks assigned to collections within 45 days of a transaction can be referred to CBMS Check Recovery Service. Our system notifies the check writer of the amount due including a service charge allowed by state law. 20 days from the 1st notification, CBMS\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' office follows up with a notification by certified mail detailing California Civil Code 1719 which stipulates a treble damages law. If the account is not paid within the 60 day program, the triple damage amount is added and submitted for further collection action. Once submitted to collections, they can be pursued to the full extent of the law and if necessary, legal action may be taken.

Eviction Services , C B Merchant Services is uniquely qualified to provide area landlords fast and accurate, attorney represented, eviction services. Most cases are hand-filed with the court within 24 hours of your request. Member Discount $255.00 per case.

Solutions Newsletter Get the knowledge to help you improve your bottom line. Our Solutions newsletter reports on important changes in the credit and collections world as well as new financial strategies to help your business grow.

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